Champagne Bollinger - Special Cuvée brut

56,50 €


It was Georges Bollinger's British agent who, in 1911, gave him the name

of Special Cuvée - in English and without accent. Indeed, he finds the expressionon

« Brut without an inappropriate year for a champagne of such subtlety…

More than a hundred years later, the name of the champagne emblematic of the know-how

Bollinger still contains its whole story.


Blend 60 % of Pinot Noir, 25 % of Chardonnay, 15 % of Meunier.

More than 85 % Grands and Premiers Crus..

Exclusive use of the cuvée.

A maturation time in the cellar more than twice the

rules of the Appellation..

Dosage: moderate, 8 to 9 grams per liter.


On the eye: a golden color, a distinctive sign of black grape varieties; a very fine bubble..

On the nose: a very nice aromatic complexity; aromas of ripe fruit and

spices; notes of roasted apple, compote and peach.

On the palate: a subtle combination of structure, length and liveliness;

a bubble as fine as velvet; aromas of pear, brioche and spices,,

notes of fresh nuts.


Special Cuvée is to be shared for a moment of conviviality, simple and rich

meaningless. A champagne to offer to those we love, lovers of goods

things. To highlight its unique style, its bouquet, its aromas, we

advise you to serve Special Cuvée between 8 and 10C. You can taster

Special Cuvée now, or choose to let it age in the cellar.